• Kevin Barry

Walking and Therapy

I started focusing mostly on walk and talk therapy for my practice for a variety of reasons. I found that I actually had trouble myself sitting in on session after session in a confined office space. I would find myself getting quite anxious, as the sessions dragged on, I constantly would look at the "not so hidden" clock. Once I got out of the office, I rarely looked at my watch and learned physically what a one hour walk felt like. The more that I walked, the more I was conditioning myself to be ready for walk after walk. The anxiety that I was experiencing during indoor sessions fled away, giving me the ability to focus solely on the session itself.

For my clients, I found that they opened up more once in an open space. Instead of spending time to get to the reason why they were seeking counselling, they would open up right away once the walking session began. Similar to what I felt, my clients told me that it was difficult for them to sit still in a confined space such as in the office. This too lessened their anxiety. Further, clients reported that the one hour walk was therapeutic and was in some form a therapeutic intervention. In the end, they were quite pleased with not only the counselling aspect of the session, but the moderate exercise benefit that they also experienced.

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