• Kevin Barry

The real work comes after the counselling session.....

When you see your massage therapist, you get to relax, enjoy the session, and when it is done the session is done. When you see your counsellor, the real work doesn't begin until after the session is complete.

The counselling session will be mostly wasted if you do not practice what was worked on during the session. Like a well trained athlete, you must keep training to reach your goal. If your goal is to have less social anxiety, you must start to work on being around more people outside of the counselling session. If your goal is to experience less panic, you must work on deep breathing exercises and mindfulness everyday when away from your counsellor. If you want to improve sleep hygiene, you will need to work on the routine that you and your counsellor created when at home. Counselling is meant to be a guide that assists you towards the change that you are seeking. Unlike being worked on during a message therapy session, the real work comes after the counselling session.

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