• Kevin Barry

How to manage sleep anxiety?

Thoughts, especially at night, can be a vicious cycle. No matter how hard you try, they just don't seem to turn off. There are reasons that your thoughts seem to heighten at night. The distractions of the day are now over, leaving you completely lost in your mind. Your body is tired, but your mind unfortunately is not. Possibly you had too much caffeine during the day that only fuels these thoughts. You have fixated too much on your inability to sleep, instead of just letting sleep come to you when it is ready.

If you are not mentally tired, there is no point of trying hard to sleep. You are better off falling asleep in a natural state. Four hours of solid sleep is better than tossing and turning for eight hours with little to no sleep at all. Once you find an activity that encourages sleep, keep stringent with it on a nightly basis. Do whatever is in your potential to physically and mentally exhaust yourself during the day so you that you crash hard at night. Lastly, if nothing else prevails, don't be afraid to seek medical advice to rule out any medical conditions that could be keeping you up at night. Once you start to sleep again, fall in love with sleep, by embracing the beauty and health benefits that sleep brings to the human body.

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